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Everyone is digging all of these amazing new products to get those peepers popping! No one really minds spending $100-$200.00 a month to be able to bash those lashes in full effect. But, are they really being given the information they need to determine if the product is even safe or effective? If you are like me, probably not, since all we care about these days is instant gratification.

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting in on an employee training session at Naimee’s Beauty Supply in Los Angeles.  I was just about to leave the store and this really cute guy asked me if I would like to sit in on their presentation to learn a little bit about lashes, and how could I refuse? So, he was actually the sales rep for NeuLash.  Of course, I was skeptical being that the information was coming from a biased source, but they allowed me to grill them and had some pretty interesting information to share.

I have had eyelash extensions in the past, and they just fall off and irritate my eyes after spending $150-$300.00! So, I was considering asking my doctor for a prescription for Latisse.  After all, I do love Brooke Shields and anything she does I am willing to try! BUT NOT NOW! I found out that Latisse is a very dangerous product. It was originally used to treat patients with Glaucoma, but they discovered that patients were actually experiencing hair growth around the eye area, particularly the lash line. So, instead of going back and reformulating the product for a more suitable and safe applicator with a thicker consistency, they just decided to continue distributing the product via medical prescriptions, which added to the appeal.

If your doctor says it’s safe, it must be safe, right? Wrong. People with light colored eyes, basically any color other than brown, are at risk for permanent brown stains on their irises! Not only that, but Latisse does not have any type of preservative, so it requires you to use a new applicator to apply the nearly liquid drippy substance on the top lid of your lash line every day. Women do not realize the danger of the drippy formula. Well, I am here to tell you! That drippy formula was not intended for the outside of your eye in the first place. It seeps into the corners of your eyes when you sleep and actually can cause accidental hair growth on the inside and outside corners of your eyes! The rep told me that he had one client who used to have her facialist pluck the inner corners of her eyes due to this very side effect. Not good. Also, if you accidentally let any of the formulae drips down the side of your face, it will actually cause hair growth in the very place it dripped. How would you like a permanent harry tear line down your face? That would be oh so cute! I was shocked and it takes a lot to shock me, as I love to try everything when it comes to beauty products, surgeries, anything to improve what God gave you! So, I thought, if these people are going to shoot down Latisse, a well-known, highly popular drug prescribed every single day, they better have a really good argument to support their stance!

That is when they began to talk about neuLash. It is not a drug- it is a cosmetic, meaning it did not have to be approved by the FDA, however, the makers of neuLash went ahead and performed laboratory testing to meet FDA standards. The consistency is much thicker, so it stays in place, and it does not cause any harmful side effects like discoloration of the iris or dark circles around the lids. You only have to use it for 6 weeks and the product lasts for two years. Also, you can use it on your lower and upper lashes as well as your eyebrows! Now, how great is that? I wanted to know about their preservatives, as we all are discovering most preservatives aren’t good for your body and could even cause cancer! They are all natural preservatives and have been tested and approved! Whew! Now let’s discuss the bottom line, shall we? Latisse costs a fortune every month and neuLash is $180.00 for the large bottle exclusively sold at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. If you want to purchase the smaller bottle, you can through neuLash’s website, but you will end up paying $150.00 for half the amount of neuLash, so you might as well get twice as much and spend a little bit more.  The larger size is only available at Neiman’s and Saks.  Here is a list of benefits straight from their website if you are wondering, so check it out, ladies and men!

PS: The female rep had the thickest, longest lashes I think I have ever seen and she did not have an ounce of mascara on! She said she has to trim her upper lashes because they get so long!! That is what I am talking about!

Check it out at neuLash

and purchase online at Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue

neuLash Safety Assessment

  • Safety/regulatory status in the US and the European Union – APPROVED
  • Consumer Skin Sensitization Patch Study – PASSED
  • Ophthalmologist Eye Irritation Potential Study  PASSED
  • All ingredients have been successfully marketed to consumers in the US and/or Internationally.
  • Cruelty – Free
  • Paraben-Free


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