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Turn Back The Hands Of Time- In Seconds!
Here are some great new products I think everyone should know about since they might be the next best things to replace expensive and painful injection-based beauty treatments, not to mention surgery.


Nanoblur by Indeed

Believe it or not, “Nanoblur” is only $19.00. I found this product perusing the New Beauty Magazine Spring 2010 Issue. This stuff works in seconds and is not a joke. It is great if you are tired and have a party to go to, or just want to look extra great. They also have another product for a more long-term solution to aging and wrinkles, “Snoxin,” which works in the same way, but takes 65 days to almost completely erase wrinkles, fine lines, and crows feet. Check out their website for more information about Indeed and their products. I love their methodology and the fact that they don’t use harmful cancer-causing parabens nor do they perform animal testing!

PRODUCT #2 Gets a little bit Prickly.

The Scientia Derma-Roller (A product utilizing Micro- Needling to annihilateCellulite, Wrinkles, Scars, Stretch Marks, and Alopecia or Baldness!)
Click on the photo of the roller for purchasing information and product details.

This is not a torture device- promise!

While I am totally on board, when it comes to eastern medicine meeting western medicine, which is certainly the case here, I want to put a

disclaimer on this recommendation before everyone gets so excited and logs on to purchase their very own “Scientia Derma-Roller.” I strongly recommend consulting a trusted and trained professional to perform this simple procedure. A doctor can do this in no time and might even recommend you perform the treatment at home. But, before you decide to skip this step altogether, make sure you are a good candidate for this treatment, as it does require needles and varied lengths of needles for different treatment areas. I would hate for you to get an infection or not benefit from the treatment and waste your money just because you got a little anxious! Okay! Just a little warning.
According to,

Micro-needling creates tiny infiltration channels through the skin’s surface (the stratum corneum) that remain open for less than an hour with many benefits. It has been scientifically proven that the needles of a Derma-roller induce such a dramatic amount of collagen in a short session (20 to 30 minutes). We have scientific proof that the needling procedure triggers new collagen fibers, new melanocytes, stimulates re-vascularization, hair growth, evens out scars, re-pigments stretch marks, fills depressed acne scars, softens scars and so on. The Dry Needling or Micro-Needling procedure significantly stimulate your skin’s collagen to grow and repair, thus enhancing the appearance of stretch marks, acne pock marks, large pores, wrinkles as well as, enhancing the penetration of skin creams and serums. It is well known that only a small percentage of the active ingredients in skin creams penetrate the outer layer (epidermis) of the skin and reach the middle (dermal) layer where they are required to produce an effect. This is why stretch-mark creams and wrinkle creams are not effective.

How It Works:

Micro-needling is CE approved as a medical device and is a barrel-like roller incorporating 192 micro-needles in 8 rows, needle diameter is 0.25mm. These needles are so fine and short that they only penetrate into the top layers of the skin. CIT can be performed on ALL areas of your body. Unlike ablative procedures, CIT can be performed repeatedly. Great for: Acne scars, Wrinkles, Stretch marks, Alopecia and Cellulite. (For Cellulite, the needles induce the body’s own collagen (CIT) in deeper skin layers to strengthen the connective tissue and to minimize the typical “orange-skin-appearance”). Rolling the cylinder on the skin surface creates even deeper micro-channels on the epidermis and dermis. At the same time, the longer needles will destroy scar collagen bundles, atrophic stretch marks or cellulite bundles (orange skin).

Depending on your skin condition, and to achieve maximum possible results, we recommend an initial treatment of 3 to 4 treatments. As the new collagen formation needs time to mature, we propose an interval of 4-6 weeks before the next CIT is commenced. As your skin continues to age an annual refresher of CIT should be considered.

VitaminWater ZERO

Glaceau has introduced a new and improved version of their wonderful health drink we already love so much but for those of us who would like to have a guilt-free “health rush,” they’ve recently released “Vitaminwater Zero.” It is jam-packed with vitamins including, 100% vitamin C, 40% vitamin b3, b5, b6, & b12, and vitamin e, as well as 100 mg of ribose! Now that is one healthy drink if I don’t say so myself. Not only is it full of nutrients we need, but it keeps you hydrated with good old-fashioned electrolytes and it comes in a variety of new yummy flavors like “Go-Go” (mixed berry), well heck, just see for yourself! Enjoy and bottoms-up!

Click on photos for product details and purchasing information.

The Beauty Box “Test Tubes” from New Beauty Magazine
These things are so cool! Along with my new-found passion for New Beauty Magazine, I also discovered this super “Beauty Box 2,” which you can purchase for $29.95 every three months, and they will ship you the newest issue of New Beauty Magazine along with a “Test Tube” full of premium beauty products featured in the new issue of the magazine! Now that is really neat. Maybe I am just a promo fanatic, but then again, I did major in advertising and marketing for a reason-I love it! Check out their website and see what you think or just check out their website to see their awesome magazine and what they are all about!


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